Can I earn for free?
Yes! This is what you earn from your signups...
Each Gold Monthly = $5 a month (residual)
Each Platinum Monthly = $7 a month (residual)
Each Founder = $15
Each Founder MAX = $25
Each Free Signup = 25 credits
Each Ad Signups Click = 5 credits

How many members are on the 4 mailer sites?
This is the count: 56,000+ members and constantly growing! This fully emails the entire memberhships of the sites.

Do I need to join all of these sites to send to them?
No, you just join this site, BestListMailer.

Do I have to get alot of email ads?
It is optional, you only get them from BestListMailer AND you can put your account in vacation mode, you can still send/autosend your ads while in vacation mode.

Does this use credits if I am upgraded?
No, you convert credits to hits for your chosen website url.

I have hits and signups owed to me, where do I enter my website url at?
You login, go to the main menu and go to "Profile / URL / Vacation Mode".

What is the min. payout amount & when?
It is set at $10 and it is paid on/around the 16th of every month. There are several available methods here.

Do all of my ads have to be for the same site?
Each ad can be for the same program or not.

Can I delete my account?
Yes, just login and go to the bottom of the members menu page.

Where is your support link?
There is a support ticket system in place where 1 person answers you (same person who owns and built this!). It's at the bottom of the members menu page and on your referral page.

What is autosend?
Autosend means that you do not have to click for credits and your ads are sent for you every day, to all members of all 4 sites.

How do I send my ad as a free member?
You just click on the credit links in the email ads that are sent to you and you can send your ad OR convert them to hits (traffic from over 100 sources) to your website.