Autosend eMailing Feature = Time Saving Benefits!

Imagine a safelist mailer that reaches 4 of the best list sites without having to click ads for credits and NOT having to login every day to send ads!

You can be gone for a weeks or months, and your advertising will still be done FOR YOU, multiple times a day, to the full membership of each site. These popular sites have 10,000's of members waiting to visit your websites and you receive NO emails in return. These sites are HotspotMailer, WonderMailer, and of course BestListMailer. These are very popular for getting quality visitors!

This site uses autosend, meaning the system mails for you everyday.

All you do is insert your email ads and the rest will be taken care of by our
whitelisted, super fast servers. This can send your email ads MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.

So lets get you started right now. It's FREE to send your email ads and FREE to earn with us!

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